Piggyback Hack to Boost Score – Sometimes 100+ Points!

Piggybacking is probably one of the most underutilized effective ways of boosting your score tremendously with little effort or time. So this one hidden credit score hack can literally skyrocket your credit score by 100 points. This is called piggybacking. It’s when someone with good credit adds you as an “authorized user” to one of their credit cards. Usually, it’s with a relative or close friend. And finally, it usually requires a quick call to the credit card company. So the most clients who have tried this PiggybackHack to Boost Score have seen a significant boost in their credit scores inside just over a month, about 45 days. So what happens? Finally, their positive credit will show up on your credit report.

What Types of Credit Cards Are Best?

1) Social Security# Required for Authorized User (major credit card issuers and some others)
2) No Negatives (no late payments)
3) Large Credit Limit (>$5000)
4) Low Balance (roughly 6%)
5) Long History (5+ years)

Answers for Primary Card Holders?

1) Can Piggybacking Hurt My Credit? No, nothing from the authorized user’s report goes on your report. It’s also not like a hard inquiry.
2) Can I Remove Authorized Users Later? Yes, they can be removed as an authorized user at any time. Also, it’s not like co-signing.
3) Is Piggybacking Legal? Yes, it has been a legal way to improve credit since the Equal Credit Opportunity Act 1974.

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